How to maintain Artificial Grass

How to maintain Artificial Grass

Hints and Tips on how to keep your grass in good condition


On the rare occasion, you may notice thin white fibres that appear in your artificial grass, please do not worry – this is simply protective fibres which will disappear over a short period of time (sun always helps). On average, it takes a few months however if it is taking longer please do give us a call. The protective fibre is a multifilament yarn that binds the grass fibres together and protects the fibres through the manufacturing process and will disappear on its own.

Artificial grass being fitted to rear sloping garden


Artificial grass is low maintenance not no maintenance. Here are some useful tips to keep your grass clean and looking newer for longer.

Keep it clean – after a while, soil, twigs and other unwanted debris might find their way onto your grass. This won’t affect it at all, but if left over a long period of time it could encourage weeds to grow. Simply go over your grass with a stiff broom, plastic rake, garden blower or vacuum occasionally to remove the debris.
A good brush up – every 4 weeks, give your grass a good brush with a stiff broom. This will perk up the pile of grass. It’s a bit like giving your hair a comb and will smarten up the look of your lawn.
Taking care of business – Artificial grass is great for pets. Just let them do their business and remove as you normally would. It won’t discolour, however if you notice a slight odour then do give us a call and we can advise you further.
Protect heavy traffic areas – just as with natural grass, we recommend having a paving slab or two to step onto right under the stepping point from your home to ensure the paving slab takes the initial impact from the step down. The reason for this is the impact from the step can quickly cause the fibres of the grass to sit in different directions or go flat making it appear different from the rest of the area.
Rotate heavy equipment– football goals, slides, outdoor tables and chairs are all popular features of a family garden and also a high impact area. If you are playing sports on the grass, make sure it has a heavy sand infill. We recommend moving heavy equipment from time to time so you don’t end up with one spot being worn more than another.
Consider placements of shiny objects – shiny objects such as mirrors, shed windows or even decorative garden accessories which are in full sun for the majority of the day can reflect the sun’s rays and magnify onto the grass causing it to burn. Therefore, careful consideration is required to prevent this.
Weeds and moss – on the rare occasion where you can see weeds or moss appearing, you can use weed and moss treatment which can be bought at DIY retailers. Before you use them, ensure you carry out a patch test on a small corner of the grass to check it doesn’t affect your artificial grass.

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